7 Most Beautiful Islands in Indonesia That Will Amaze You


7 Most Beautiful Islands in Indonesia That Will Amaze You

Indonesia is blessed with roughly 18.000 beautiful islands. Each of them offers many things, including: diverse cultures, breathtaking views, stunning beaches and even remarkable mountains; all are worth visiting. If you are planning to go on holiday to this vast archipelago in the world, here are 7 most beautiful islands in Indonesia for you to visit.

7 Most Beautiful Islands in Indonesia

If you have limited time on holiday, there are several islands that are highly recommended to visit and represent the beauty of Indonesia. 

1. Komodo Island

Komodo Island


Komodo island is the home of the biggest and oldest lizard in the world. It surprisingly holds an extraordinary landscape as well as unique pink sand on the shore. You may even have the opportunity to explore marine life down the ocean water. 

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2. Bangka Belitung Island

Bangka Belitung Island


Bangka Belitung is one of the biggest islands in Kepulauan Seribu. Each of them offers its own charm, yet all hold the stunning beauty tourists always seek. You can find warm white sand on the beaches with the blue water that is as clear as crystal. Moreover, there are some buildings that share the history of the past including during Dutch Colonialism. 

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3. Sumba Island

Sumba Island


Sumba island is probably one of the 7 most beautiful islands in Indonesia that is secluded as well as untouched by humans. Its original landscape and scenery are genuine coming from Mother Nature. If you like to hike, this island is definitely the best option to experience trekking activity: such as in Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park.

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4. Gili Island

Gili Island


There are three small coral isles in this island, which are Gili Trawangan, Gili air, and Gili meno. All of them possess their own stunning charms. However, they all share a fascinating beach that has warm and clean white sand on its shore. The water on their beach is also as clear as a glass, making them the perfect diving spots.

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5. Seram Island

Seram Island


Seram island literally means frightening island. However, it actually implies its gems that have yet to be touched or developed tremendously by humans. Despite not being as popular, this is the best spot out of the 7 most beautiful islands in Indonesia if you seek for tranquility. You can do snorkeling, trekking, diving, and even camping. 

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6. Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island


Located in Sulawesi, Bunaken archipelago is a home to all marine lives as they are all being persevered with high care. You can find roughly 290 species of coral reefs along with more than 2000 species of fish living in Bunaken National Marine Park. This is the best island if you enjoy snorkeling or diving. 

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7. Bali Island

Bali Island


Who does not know Bali? It is still the number one destination tourists want to visit. The island has many mesmerizing beaches with plenty of five-starred resorts and restaurants. Other than that, Bali Island also offers the beauty of mountain landscape, unique culture and vast green rice fields. 

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Ready to Visit Them?

So, those are the 7 most beautiful islands in Indonesia. Which one has successfully caught your attention?

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