7 Best Surf Spots Around the World, Surfers Favorites!


7 best surf spots

Surfing is the most favorite water sport for many people. It is an exciting activity you can enjoy while enjoying the sunset on the beach. If you like surfing a lot, here are 7 best surf spots in the world you need to visit!

7 Best Surf Spots, Surfers Favorites

There are many good surf spots in the world. But, this article lists the 7 best surf spots in the world. What’s on the list? Let’s check this out:

1. Gold Coast, Australia

7 best surf spots

Recently, the Gold Coast was named the 8th best surfing location in the world by Save the Waves. Gold Coast is one of the best surf spots in the world that you should try. Gold Coast is not only good for surfing, but it also has a good landscape and view. 

The 16-kilometer coastline is accessible for you to use as a surfing location while on the Gold Coast. There are 4 favorite beaches for surfing, namely The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck Beach, Palm Beach, and Mermaid Beach. The excellent point is you can adjust many accommodations to your budget near these beaches. 

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2. Mentawai, Indonesia

7 best surf spots

This beach west of Sumatra is already famous as a surfer's paradise. What's even better, the beaches are clean and quiet because not many tourists come here! There are Siberut and Sipora beaches that you can visit. You can go to these beaches by ferry or rent a fishing boat. 

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3. Bali, Indonesia

7 best surf spots

Bali is suitable for all types of surfers because of the various types of waves. There are small waves for beginners and big waves for professionals. It makes Bali one of 7 best surf spots. The famous surfing spots in Bali are Canggu, Kuta, Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, and Lembongan. 

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4. Florida, United States

7 best surf spots

Talking about surfing, it is worth mentioning Florida as one of the best surf spots. There is a beach called Cocoa Beach, which has consistent waves and temperatures. 

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5. Sao Paulo, Brazil

7 best surf spots

Ubatuba, which is located southeast of Sao Paulo, is nicknamed “The Surf Capital of Sao Paolo†because at least 10 surfing competitions are held here every year. 

This one of 7 best surf spots in the world covers more than 100 beaches with different wave characteristics. Of the many beaches worth a try are Maranduba, Lázaro, Itamambuca, Vermelha, Grande, Enseada, Perequê, and Saco da Ribeira.

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6. Byron Bay, Australia

7 best surf spots

Located 2 hours from Brisbane, Byron Bay has been a world surfing destination for the last ten years. Its unique geographical shape produces many beaches with various types of waves. Byron Bay itself is in the form of a headland that resembles a horn. So, along the funnel, there is a line of beaches you can try to surf. 

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7. Canary Islands, Spain

7 best surf spots

Finally, the last of the 7 best surf spots are the Canaries in Spain. The Canary Islands are known as the escape from the European winter. Many people said the Canaries are similar to Hawaii because you can see rows of volcanic mountains from the beach. 

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Are You Ready to Get on Your Surfboard Now?

That concludes the list of 7 best surf spots in the world. Let’s take your surfing board and try all these surfing spots worldwide. Are you ready to go there?

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